About Us

Creamery Information

 The  Landaff Creamery LLC was established in early 2008 with the intention  of creating a high-quality value-added product that would increase the  sustainability of our farm and there-by preserving agriculture in our  small town.  The Creamery itself is located next door to the farm in the  building where Doug’s father Dr. Fredrick Erb used to have his  Veterinary Clinic prior to his retirement.  The clinic was completely  redone into a modern creamery design. Doug and Debby worked closely with  milk inspectors and local contractor Albert Lackie to ensure that the  creamery was designed to provide a clean environment that met all  regulations for high-quality cheese making.  

About Our Farm

Springvale  Farms was founded in the 1950’s by Doug's parents, Dr. and Mrs.  Fredrick A. Erb, DVM., who purchased and combined the land from several  small farms in Landaff, NH.  In 1980 we returned to Landaff and worked  for them for several years. By 1989 we had purchased the cows and  equipment and started out on our own.  Since then we have made many  updates to the facilities and large improvements in the genetics of the  herd, which result in a higher quantity and quality of milk production.   In 2010 we were 1st place and in 2007 and 2009, we were the 2nd place  receipient of the top milk quality award in our region of the Agri-Mark,  Inc. cooperative.  Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful White  Mountains, we grow our feed and milk our cows in the Amonoosuc River  Valley, which starts at the Lake of the Clouds on Mount Washington,  and winds its way through the shadow of Kinsman Ridge located in  Franconia Notch.