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Landaff Creamery WON first place in the NH Made category at the Granite State Dairy Promotions Macaroni and Cheese Bake-Off! In 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2015! In 2015 Our recipe was The People's Choice!! Check out the link and click on our name under "NH Made" for our delicious recipe!


Landaff Gossip Corner
Come check out what people are saying about Landaff Creamery and Landaff Cheese!

"Landaff Creamery gets a boost (and awards) from its cheese"

"The cheese is based on an old Welsh recipe and has a distinct Cheddar vibe, with a satisfying tang and crumble. But, beyond that, there is a soul-filling mellowness, perhaps even a fleeting vision of the New England Holsteins taking in the crisp, sweet grass that would eventually become cheese."

"...a nice mouthfeel, and a pleasant flavorful finish."

"I could eat a chunk of this fine, robust cheese for lunch every day."                                                                     

"With [Landaff Cheese] on your plate, guests are sure to be impressed."

"Thank you Landaff Creamery for once again reaffirming what I know to be true: American Cheese-makers rock!"
The Cheese Junkie

"The Erbs’ cheese, Landaff, is modeled after that Welsh classic [Caerphilly] but has really come into its own – like Caerphilly, it is earthy and delicious but Landaff generally tends to be sweeter and, in my opinion, creamier and more lactic."

Formaggio Kitchen's Cheese Blog

"Landaff cheese is a wonderful American “riff” on traditional Welsh cheeses."
Fromagebob's Cheese and Wine Blog

Landaff Around the U.S.A.
We would love to receive pictures of Landaff Cheese displays or Landaff Cheese that you come across in various places around the country. Send it to us through email or our Facebook page and we'll add your photo to our display!

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